PEI Potatoes

Growing potatoes isn't just a business on Prince Edward's in our nature!  We have over two hundred years of experience growing high quality potatoes on an island that’s ideally suited to produce the best potatoes you've ever tasted.


Award winning chowder at the 2014 PEI Shellfish Festival!

PEI Potato and Lobster Croquette

PEI Potatoes and Lobster together!

Potatoes and fish...perfect harmony in PEI!

A delectable potato treat from Chef Andrew Smith at Red Shores in Charlottetown!

A fun way to prepare mashed potatoes, whether entertaining or just spicing up a weekday meal!

When it comes to #PEI Potatoes, we actually always love to be cheesy when we're talking dishes like this!
Our #PotatoLoversMonth is almost over... or it's almost time to ride off into the sunset like this tasty dish!
Vitamin B6 helps your body metabolize protein & carbs. And guess what famous veggie is a good source of Vit B6? (hint - it's us obviously)
The work week is made better when you've extra potatoes in the fridge ready for endless possibilities for quick meals. Our tater opinions--
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An interesting read on a weight loss disappearing act that includes potatoes
@Spinal_spriest Agreed! As you might suspect...
@sugarstepmom Bra-tater-vo!